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torso trans 200Hello, good evening, and welcome to

My name is Paul, and I will be your host on this here interwebland adventure.

If you wish to know a bit more about me and/or this blog-thing, click that little “about” link up top. it won’t help much, but studies show that clicking things makes you feel better, and your well-being is important to me.

my semi-ambitious goal for this site is at least one update a week, preferably at fairly consistent intervals. i’ve got a couple of articles/posts written already, but they need some proofreading before i allow them to go public. the life of a new father is not one that is generally beneficial to the writing of read-worthy prose.

annnnnyways.  updates will follow as soon as i find just exactly where i left my brain.

until then, enjoy searching this post for grammatical errers!  it’ll be fun!

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