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i just had the following conversation with my daughter.

her: daddy i’m spiderman and you’re batman

me [taken aback, first by the fact that she has any idea who these characters are, and second by the sheer GALL of choosing spiderman and leaving me possessed of not a single actual superpower]: ok.

her: ok. now. LET’S DO THIS THING!

me: [stunned silence]

her: come ON, batman!

me: … ok spiderman, where are we going?

her: we’re gonna be FROGS!

me: perfect. let’s go, man!

her: daddy, you’re batman and you’re a boy. batman is a boy. i’m spiderman and i’m a girl. spiderman is a GIRL.

me: naturally. ok let’s go, girl!


us [proceeding to frog-hop our way up the stairs]: GO GO GO!

her: the green light means GO!

oh, and welcome back. it’s been a while, so let me fill you in. caroline’s going to be three in 9 days or so.

and yea. that’s it.

that’s ALL that has happened in the last year and a half.


shut UP.

i didn’t procrastinate THIS long just to sit here and actually type out 16 months worth of happenings, so just deal.

is the blog actually coming back, you ask? well, maybe. i have an idea or two about how to make it easier (lazier) to keep this thing up, so watch this space. you just never can tell…

i leave you with this. i’ve been a dad for three years. that’s the longest i’ve ever held down ANY job. why do i feel like i have a pink slip hovering over my shoulder?

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