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so i’ve been thinking.

see, riley-n-fam seem to do most of their interesting stuff on weekends, and consequently updating the blog on sunday nights makes perfect sense for them. everything interesting for the week is now done, and it’s pretty fresh so the writing can come a bit more naturally.

but we don’t have weekends. due to the erratic work schedules that control our lives, our “days off” vary each week, but generally fall on what normal people would consider the work week. friday marks the last day of said work week, and thus it seemed to make sense as a day for me to update our blog every week.

plus as an added bonus i’d get a two day jump on brandon’s posts. of course when we do family stuff together, it actually flips into a 5 day lag, but whatever.

but i dunno. fridays have some issues. i’m always tired by friday night, and while the ipod’s alarm DOES remind me to do the post, if i’m pooped and haven’t composed anything in my head yet (like today) then i end up just pumping out some token drivel to satisfy both the alarm and my guilt complex. now i do have a few unfinished posts that i could always just polish up and publish in a hurry, but those are things that i have been working on long enough that i want to finish them properly, not in an exhaustion-fueled fever dream of a rushjob.

so i’m left with this: off-the-cuff prose about nothing in particular, written mostly out of a sense of obligation, as well as a bit of hard-headedness. i think a bit of that stems from the fact that i’ve been having to prove to myself lately that i CAN work on a deadline, after years of living the more-or-less timeless life of a grad student.

anyway, i do have one or two things to catch you up on (at least those of you readers who are not my mom or my sister), as about a year of caroline-ness is missing from this blog.

first off, over the past year and a half i’ve spent many long evenings trying to figure out how to approach the issue of musicality with caroline. i figured she had a very high chance of possessing musical talent, and i also assumed that she would at least be interested in the fact that banging on certain devices makes sounds. thus it seemed like the piano might have some chance of entertaining her. sure enough, when i first held her in front of the piano and showed her how to make noise, she was fascinated. from about 4 months on, i think she viewed the piano as a pretty neat noisemaker that daddy would sometimes get her to play with.

but at some point in the past few months, around the time she first started walking as her primary mode of locomotion, something changed. instead of waiting for me to grab her and go play for a bit, the newly-mobile caroline would just tear off to the piano and yell at me until i would walk over, lift the key-cover, and turn it on. she would sometimes wait for me to then pick her up and sit her on my lap on the piano stool, but now she is even tall enough to start playing whilst still standing on the ground in front of it, which happens more often than not. she still gets better access when sitting on the stool (with or without a parental lap) but she just has to get a jump on the actual playing i suppose.

i know all of this is more or less useless without pictures, so here’s a play session from a couple weeks back:

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i can’t tell you how proud this makes me feel. i picked up that piano a few years ago at an absolute steal of a price, and it’s gotten enough use out of me and various other band members that it paid for itself long ago. but now, seeing how much caroline likes it, i almost feel that i robbed the place that sold it to me. i think i can live with it though.

in unrelated news, caroline hates grass. or more specifically, she hates walking on grass. she’s always gotten along with nature for the most part, at least to the point where she would often urge her steed (read: the parent carrying her) towards some piece of the natural world so that she might examine it more closely, touch it, and perhaps even attempt to consume it (banana leaves are evidently worthy of chewing on. who knew?). but as soon as she started to walk, she discovered that most of nature is surrounding by this spongy and awkward green stuff that is much harder to walk on than nice concrete and flooring. if some cruel dad-like person picks her up and drops her in front of, say, some mint plants, she will gladly grab and devour a leaf or two before looking down and discovering that she is surrounded by the horrible green travesty that is grass. at first this inevitably resulted in her throwing a minor fit and daddy getting dirty looks from one or more of the women in the house.

now she has started to make a sort of peace with the grassy world. she still doesnt want to walk on it if she can possibly avoid it, but she’s discovered that standing on it is fine, and furthermore, she even has some limited power over it. specifically, when she is confronted with small and manageable patches of grass (our front yard) these days, it seems her first instinct is to bend down and start removing that which is directly in front of her. i guess the thinking is that if she can just carve a path to wherever she needs to go, then grass isn’t really that bad. of course her first foray into this little destructive worldview was less about pathfinding and more about trying to eat the grass:

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and discovering that it is not nearly as tasty as mint leaves:

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i don’t know what her next step will be, but i’m sure she’ll eventually figure out how to peacefully co-exist with the grassy world. and if not, at least i know there will always be someone in the house willing to cut the grass, though perhaps it might end up just a tad shorter than one might prefer….


ok, so i DID start writing this post on friday. i know its now monday, but i just wanted to point that out. the exact same thing happened this weekend as happened last weekend: i start a post on friday, but can’t finish it and decide to finish over the weekend. the weekend becomes impossible to manage, and suddenly its monday. i think fridays are going to have to go. i don’t think that sundays are necessarily going to work any better for me, but i AM going to find a day that works. i’m going to play around a bit over the coming weeks, but just note that i will not be holding to any particular post-date for now. i’m going to maintain the one-post-a-week rule, as i consider that to be inflexible. and hopefully i will be able to settle on a new day that actually works.

i actually started writing two different posts friday, so i have about 50% of another post done already. if i get a chance, i may try to finish that one in time to try out a new post day this week. if not, it will get rolled into next week.

and just so i don’t close on a semi-downer, here’s reminder of caroline’s first experience with musical instruments (or at least their cases):

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those pictures are still awesome.

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