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So hey, here’s this week’s update.

First off, you may have noticed the extra stuff on the sidebar. The little preview pictures will always display the most recent flickr uploads that i’ve tagged with the word “pose” (because those are some of the cutest pictures ever).  and the flickr link will take you straight to my main photo page.  And obviously the link to Joan and Brandon’s blog will take you to…… i dunno, or something.

the flickr page should be updated pretty regularly.  i’ve taken over 500 pictures since the last update, it just takes a few hours to go through them and decide which to upload, which to archive, and which to trash.

annnnnd finally, for those of you who have been waiting for the first official “cooking” post, i’ve got a treat for you.  if you head on up to that brand-new link up top, you can check out my 2332-word cooking philosophy essay-thingie.  it’s a bit long-winded, and i probably should have broken it up into several parts, but whatever, it’s finished.

so anyways, now that i’ve got that mega-post written, published, and out of the way, i can continue with the rest of the stuff i’ve been writing here.  expect some more updates over the course of the coming week.

oh, and i turned 26 this past week. yaaaaay, getting older! :)

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