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So Caroline and this blog are both growing older at the breakneck speed of roughly 24 earth hours per day, and we’ve yet to hit a dozen posts. While completely average for my usual pace of upkeep, that is pretty pathetic for a “web log.”

So I’ve decided to try something radical.

Salient points:
1) I always have my iPod with me
2) I’ve actually gotten pretty good about using its calendar to stay temporally organized (thanks largely to my teaching schedules at TPR)
3) there is a wordpress app available for the iPod/iPhone
4) I totally hate typing on the iPod’s keyboard

These facts taken together have led me to this point, here, which finds yours truly tapping away at the awful iPod keyboard in slavish obedience to the commands of the calendar’s piercingly shrill alarm. So it worked this once.

What I hope will happen in the future (the alarm is now set for every Friday, but that may change) is that the alarm will go off, my wrists, eyes, and soul will shudder at the memory of typing this whole post out today, and I will sally forth to the nearest available computer and type out a blog post on a nice plastic keyboard, just like our forefathers once did.

Or I’ll just suffer through another agonizing tapfest full of typos and apple’s “helpful” suggestions. All in service to the newly reborn blog.


My thumbs hurt already…

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