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Ok so I know I missed the very first scheduled Friday update, which one might think would not bode well for this whole rebirth project. However, I do have a pretty fantastic excuse: I’m in Milwaukee at the largest national conference for people in my discipline, presenting a paper and hunting for jobs. In fact, I started writing this post while waiting for the third of the four job interviews I had today.

So yes, I did feel slightly guilty friday when the alarm sounded to let me know I was missing my first promised update, but I decided I had to prioritize for now.

The good news is that I started writing friday’s post on the plane to milwaukee, and so I’ve already got material written for next week. It’s cheating a bit, but who’s counting?

Annnnyway. I’m recovering from interviews now and getting ready for receptions and such, so I shall have to sign off here.

I will post more a few days and 25 degrees in the future… God I’m gonna miss this weather….

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