Ok, it’s been an insanely busy week, and I don’t yet have the REAL post ready. I just wanted to put something up to prove that I can actually keep a constant posting schedule, or at least start one. That, and the iPod alarm wouldn’t shut up.

More soon, i promise.

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Ok so I know I missed the very first scheduled Friday update, which one might think would not bode well for this whole rebirth project. However, I do have a pretty fantastic excuse: I’m in Milwaukee at the largest national conference for people in my discipline, presenting a paper and hunting for jobs. In fact, I started writing this post while waiting for the third of the four job interviews I had today.

So yes, I did feel slightly guilty friday when the alarm sounded to let me know I was missing my first promised update, but I decided I had to prioritize for now.

The good news is that I started writing friday’s post on the plane to milwaukee, and so I’ve already got material written for next week. It’s cheating a bit, but who’s counting?

Annnnyway. I’m recovering from interviews now and getting ready for receptions and such, so I shall have to sign off here.

I will post more a few days and 25 degrees in the future… God I’m gonna miss this weather….

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So Caroline and this blog are both growing older at the breakneck speed of roughly 24 earth hours per day, and we’ve yet to hit a dozen posts. While completely average for my usual pace of upkeep, that is pretty pathetic for a “web log.”

So I’ve decided to try something radical.

Salient points:
1) I always have my iPod with me
2) I’ve actually gotten pretty good about using its calendar to stay temporally organized (thanks largely to my teaching schedules at TPR)
3) there is a wordpress app available for the iPod/iPhone
4) I totally hate typing on the iPod’s keyboard

These facts taken together have led me to this point, here, which finds yours truly tapping away at the awful iPod keyboard in slavish obedience to the commands of the calendar’s piercingly shrill alarm. So it worked this once.

What I hope will happen in the future (the alarm is now set for every Friday, but that may change) is that the alarm will go off, my wrists, eyes, and soul will shudder at the memory of typing this whole post out today, and I will sally forth to the nearest available computer and type out a blog post on a nice plastic keyboard, just like our forefathers once did.

Or I’ll just suffer through another agonizing tapfest full of typos and apple’s “helpful” suggestions. All in service to the newly reborn blog.


My thumbs hurt already…

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Caroline is no longer a baby.  Don’t misunderstand me, Caroline will always be momma’s sweet baby girl, but she is officially a TODDLER!

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She likes to pretend to read, which is a good sign for her parents.   Her vocabulary has even expanded to seven words: mama, dada, bird, hi, bye bye, cat, and bee.

Unlike her cousin Riley, who is almost ready for the New York Marathon, our sweet little angel is choosing not to walk on her own.  She does walk if you give her your fingers which is a step in the right direction.

I haven’t got much time, but I thought I would contribute something to this site, so that you people out there in the interwebs wouldn’t think that we created it for nothing.

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betcha can’t guess which state this picture was taken in two days ago:

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so, time for another bimonthlyish update!

first off, i just uploaded a batch of 75 new photos to flickr, so head on over there to check em out when you get a chance.  those 75 were culled from a batch of 600 or so that i’ve been gradually combing through this past month.  there will be more to come, i assure you.

umm, what else?

ah yes.  liz and I did a spring cleaning thing a few weeks ago, and i managed to start and finish a little project i’d been planning since the girls moved in.  presenting……

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the playroom!  huzzah!

yea, it’s not THAT exciting, but whatever.  now liz has her computer back, and caroline’s got floorspace to romp around on, and the books have a place to sleep. everyone wins!

lots of other things have happened since the last update, of course, but i’ll have more to say about all that in the next (soon to come, seriously) update.  maybe.

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