hey, i’m here. i know i know, it’s friday and time for posting, the ipod just told me so.

buuuut it’s been an insanely busy week and this upcoming post involves sorting through over 1100 pictures, so it’s going to be just a little late. tomorrow maybe. sunday at the latest.

so hold yer horses, yea?

meanwhile, enjoy some light music:

(i don’t have any light music here, i was just giving you some space so you could go and select some light music of your own. what am i, a jukebox?)

see you in a day or two.

3 Responses to “mulligan”
  1. mom says:

    i will be anxiously awaiting the pictures. mom

  2. mom says:

    what’s taking so long – mom

  3. paul says:

    iiiii’m working on it. a set of 1100 pictures takes a while to sort through and upload. i need to cure my itchy shutter finger, methinks.