It occurred to me just a moment ago that I haven’t yet made clear just what this blog is going to be all about.

Oh sure, there is the positively riveting “about” page that makes some vague reference to my new adventures, but I think i should probably demystify things just a tad before i actually get rolling on my upcoming posts. To that end, i’ve got two introduction-type posts planned, one to explain my goals for the “cooking” half of this site, and one to explain where the “daddy” part of the website comes from.

this is the latter post.

So, why cooking daddy?

well this is why:


i’m a daddy now. duh.

really though, i am. turns out you don’t have to get a permit or pass a credit check or ANYTHING to have a kid. crazy huh?

So yea, Liz and I welcomed our beautiful daughter Caroline into this world two weeks ago, and these have been the happiest two weeks of our lives.

yea, it’s sappy, but then again, you haven’t held her yet, or seen her playing with my beard, or seen her holding her head up to look around, ravenously consuming the room with her never-resting eyes. (obviously, this doesn’t apply to those of you who have). this kid is awesome. she’s smart, she’s gorgeous, and she’s manipulative as can be. she’s got liz and i wrapped around her little fingers, and i wouldn’t have it any other way.

ok, i’m stopping.

the point is, my life was transformed two weeks ago, and what was originally going to be a blog about my adventures in learning how to cook has now become …

of course, i recognize that kids are far more interesting to their own parents than they are to … anyone else, so i’m going to be setting up the site to make it easier for readers to navigate. if you just want to get updates on my kitchen-based misadventures, it’ll be easy to do so. if you are my mom, it’ll be easy to just get baby updates. and if you are my sister, it’ll be easy to get both. :)

2 Responses to “Oh did i mention…?”
  1. Joan says:

    “and if you are my sister, it’ll be easy to get both.” I got a shout out!! Woohoo!!

  2. Nathan says:

    Woah! UVSERVE is all gone and grown up! And check out that burly beard. Congrats on the little one. -FKR