So it comes to this. First we gave up sleeping in and/or staying up late. Then we started driving the speed limit… All the time. Soon enough we were making phantom chewing faces to encourage the consumption of liquified vegetables and meats whose delectable aromas would haunt our nightmares. Later we started saying things like “ooooh, that was a big-girl poopie!” without having to fake excitement.

And now… now we’ve reached the pinnacle of American Parenthood: we bought an SUV.

of course, it’s a compact SUV that actually gets decent gas mileage… and it’s a japanese car… and it’s kinda pretty-looking…

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…but it’s still an SUV.   and that still qualifies us to be true American parents.

caroline is adjusting rather well to the new ride.  since she sits up so much higher, she can see 10 times as much stuff around her, and thus spends her car rides pointing down into other people’s cars and laughing at them.  seems kinda rude to me, but whatever.  i mean, i don’t know about you, but if i were a 20 year old dude who just spent 10 grand on pipes, rims, and ground effects for my civic, i’d be pretty upset if i looked over and saw a 17 month old girl pointing at me and laughing so hard that snot was streaming out of every face-hole.  meh.

anyway, it’s got tons and tons of room, which is nice.  i can stash my entire mobile office in a couple of crates in the trunk, along with 5 or 6 strollers, a brace of pack-n-plays, and a couple dozen guitars.  if i needed to.  for some reason.  and who’s to say that i won’t need to one day?  exactly.

oh, and of course i had to let caroline try out the driver’s seat as well:

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she knew exactly what to do.  head down, get a grip on the wheel…

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and then shut the door on daddy so she could drive off:

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my daughter, car thief in training.

anyway, there’s much more to post about, but i think that’s all for tonight.  gotta pace myself ya know, i’m still getting used to the rigorous once-weekly posting schedule.

and hey, next week there should even be a recipe!   will wonders never cease?


One Response to “And now we wait for soccer practices to start…”
  1. mom says:

    weekly posts – keep it up. The car looks very nice. Hope to see it in person soon. Mom.