Caroline is no longer a baby.  Don’t misunderstand me, Caroline will always be momma’s sweet baby girl, but she is officially a TODDLER!

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She likes to pretend to read, which is a good sign for her parents.   Her vocabulary has even expanded to seven words: mama, dada, bird, hi, bye bye, cat, and bee.

Unlike her cousin Riley, who is almost ready for the New York Marathon, our sweet little angel is choosing not to walk on her own.  She does walk if you give her your fingers which is a step in the right direction.

I haven’t got much time, but I thought I would contribute something to this site, so that you people out there in the interwebs wouldn’t think that we created it for nothing.

One Response to “It’s been a year…a little more than that, but who’s counting?”
  1. Joan says:

    an update?? who knew!! and like i have said on MANY occasions, she will walk when she’s gosh dern ready to walk!!! until then, she will continue to read and come up with ways to outsmart riley. either that, or they are plotting to team up against us: she is the clever mastermind, and he is the fearless boy who will do whatever she tells him, without regard for his own safety!