so, time for another bimonthlyish update!

first off, i just uploaded a batch of 75 new photos to flickr, so head on over there to check em out when you get a chance.  those 75 were culled from a batch of 600 or so that i’ve been gradually combing through this past month.  there will be more to come, i assure you.

umm, what else?

ah yes.  liz and I did a spring cleaning thing a few weeks ago, and i managed to start and finish a little project i’d been planning since the girls moved in.  presenting……

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the playroom!  huzzah!

yea, it’s not THAT exciting, but whatever.  now liz has her computer back, and caroline’s got floorspace to romp around on, and the books have a place to sleep. everyone wins!

lots of other things have happened since the last update, of course, but i’ll have more to say about all that in the next (soon to come, seriously) update.  maybe.

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