so hey. you’re looking healthy. i see the summer has been treating you well.

good to hear.

no really, i think your tan looks great, and that windswept surfer’s hair really becomes you. really brings out your piercingly bright eyes and diamond-white teeth.

yea. looking reeeaaaalll good.

and me? ohhhhh, well. you know. stay-at-home dad, you know. yeeeeep. pasty white skin, sure. yea i guess i squint a little when i see the sun. and no, not EVERYTHING i own smells vaguely of baby vomit. some of it smells like poopy.

but hey, that’s the life, eh? living every day like a half-troll half-robot, hustling to satisfy every whim of a tiny little dictator.

worth it? take a look at this picture and ask me that again:

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yea, exactly.

i love this kid.

in other news, i’m still a PhD student. which means i’ve got to do some work and stuff before the “student” part of my title gets dropped.

meaning: i’ve really got to get back to campus soon, so we’ve been shopping around for daycare services. we’ve found a couple of candidates, and we’re just trying to make the final decision. that and prepare ourselves for the fact that someone ELSE is going to be taking care of her all day. yeesh.

it’s gonna be rough at first, but i think these months at home with her have hopefully prepared me to be ok with it. then again, i might leave the first day blubbering like a … well, like a baby.

we’ll see.

anyways, i know three months is a slightly long time to wait for a weekly update, but. well you know. sunspots.

adios people. a new school year approaches, and loins must be girded. see you on the other side.


One Response to “where did the summer go?”
  1. Sister/Aunt says:

    woohoo!!! an update from the armpit of Louisiana!!:) can’t wait to see you guys sat!!