so yea, it’s been a month since the last weekly update. horray for flexible temporal definitions, eh?

ok look, for all ye who’ve been wonderin just what happened to the update cycle (austin), let’s get you caught up real quick, hmm?

well first off, i’ve been right smack in the middle of finals, which is enough justification right there, but let’s continue on, shall we?

next, caroline and liz have moved back to baton rouge (yaaayy!!!!! or booo!!!!, depending…)

and hey, just to make things interesting, barely a week after the girls got back to liz’s place in BR, we started moving them here, into my (our) place.

so, busy? yea, a wee bit.

anyways, excuses aside, my time is not yet my own, so a real update will have to follow next week, once i’m finally done with finals.

for now, i should mention the most important event that’s happened since the last update, and i quote mr. wallace here:

At 3:51 pm on Sunday March 30, 2008, Riley Evans Wallace arrived at Womens & Children’s Hospital weighing 6 lbs 2 ozs and stretching 19.5 inches in length.

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yep, i’ve got a nephew, and caroline’s got a little cousin to grow up with, and attempt to eat:

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and rock out with:

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god i love these kids….

ok, gotta sign off now. more later, i promise. seriously!

One Response to “er, whoops?”
  1. Cookin' Parrain says:

    Geez. Turn down the Adorable. Gettin loud in here.