It is 22 minutes from midnight and Paul and I are discussing economic policy.  Wow we are so super hot.

Let’s move beyond that for now.  Caroline wants to send a big Congrats out to her Parrain for popping the question to Miss Wright (totally her name not an intentional funny)!  Now Caroline just wants to meet this woman who is going to be a part of the rest of her life.  Yeah Austin, you got a three year old who is convinced she is part princess, part cat, and spiderman hunting for you.  I think a nice family dinner would be in order or at least hot dogs at the Baton Rouge Zoo.

Speaking of upcoming nuptials, and no mom I am not referring to my own…  Caroline is going to be the flower girl in her cousin Jenper’s wedding.  This is the dress she will be wearing.

dressThis is what it looked like before I got all creative with it.

dress before

This is her hairbow…

bowAnd this is the star of the show pretending to be a princess while at home recovering from whatever Gras-Du she and Paul have had for the last week.

Thank you Granny Jillprincess practiceTa ta for now ladies and gents.

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