”  Wow, babe!  You are the perfect man!”

Can you guess who made that statement?  I will give you a hint…it wasn’t a girl.

Paul said that to me this evening.  I know that I should be offended, but I find it absolutely hilarious.  I wonder what kind of example we are setting for Caroline sometimes.  In our household the traditional gender roles have been, if not completely skewed, blurred.

Tonight we were discussing the merits of the birthday gift we gave Caroline and Paul asked me if I had read the directions.  I, as per the usual, replied that I did not because, “I don’t need no stinking instructions”.  That is what brought on the aforementioned comment.  It is not only my complete and utter disregard of the rtfm rule that bends the gender boundaries in our household.  Paul is a guilty party as well.

If you can’t guess by the blogs title, Paul performs most of the cooking duties in the household.  He is also the one most particular on the “how to clean a dish appropriately” front.  I, on the other hand, for our first family father’s day, installed a new stereo in his car.

Now, to my credit (and his because otherwise we both need to seek help for a bundle of other issues), I am not a complete “dude”.  I do like my fair share of the “pretty”, I am just not willing to commit a great deal of time to it.  If a beauty regimen takes more than 20 minutes (including a shower), then it ain’t happening.  That is why I love you, person who invented the ponytail holder and headband.  I assume that it was one person who invented both doo-dads, because it makes me smile to think that so much awesome is contained in one mind.  And don’t get me started on jewelry… If it costs more than 5 dollars, 10 if it is an exceptionally special occasion, it isn’t worth it.  i like more practical things, like purses (shut it Brandon!).  You can carry stuff in them and they qualify as accessories!  Two birds, one stone.  Word.

Now purses, don’t get a great deal of  money either, maybe $20, if I am feeling loose with the pocket book.

I will say this for myself, I make 20 minutes of prep look good.

And don’t worry here is a picture of the real reason you came here.

It is a little old but hopefully I will find another more recent one to post soon.


Later….  Mom

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