Just so we don’t end up sitting here for weeks with that downer of a swine flu post at the top of the page, here’s a mini update, or “microblog,” as the Internet Elite call them.

I think it’s safe to say that Caroline and I are now both back to our baseline levels of health. As evidence, I submit the following:

tonight as we were going through caroline’s bedtime rituals, we went into her bathroom for the toothbrushing-and-laughing-at-various-items portion of the nighttime ablutions, which is always great fun. Tonight, she decided to run to the bathtub and pull out all the bath toys one by one (or point to each one in turn and make the noise that that animal makes until daddy got the toy for her) and then arrange them on the toilet seat cover. Once they were all assembled, she gathered each and every duck, two by two, and made them kiss each other noisily (and the pelican too, but I think that’s still legal here in the “brother/cousin” belt) until every conceivable pairing up had been forced upon the unwitting creatures. It was pretty adorable, and a picture or video of the proceedings would melt your heart. Of course no such thing is forthcoming.

Anyway, the point is that the entire time she was doing all this, she did NOT have a diaper filled with diarrhea! My baby is healed, I tell you!

But really, I think all is well now on that front. Liz is still down, but it looks like we two will be getting back our day jobs starting tomorrow. Ah well. Swine flu, we hardly knew ye.

and because i know there are laws against me posting on this thing without visual representation of my child, here’s a video of caroline displaying one of her most recently added tricks (turn up the volume):

in case you can’t quite tell, that’s caroline whistling. it’s not a GREAT video of said whistling (rest assured, it is more impressive in person) but i can promise you that out of the over 30 attempts i made at capturing this phenomenon, this is the least bad. most of the videos are of caroline noticing the camera and thus ceasing to whistle, much like this one:

she’s got an uncanny knack for anti-performance.

and that’s all for this week. come on, two posts in one week, what a bonanza!

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