so yea, for those of you who don’t know yet, we’ve got the swine flu.

it started with caroline, who began exhibiting some severe gastrointestinal seismic readings wednesday morning. since i shortly thereafter also started feeling bad, i chalked it up to the fact that we ate wendy’s the night before, as fast food is extremely rare for we two (liz being braver and more “employed” than either of us) and it can sometimes mess with non-adherents to the fast-food code.

we brought her to the doctor, who agreed with my assessment, and then thought little more of it.

that afternoon and evening i began to rapidly deteriorate, and liz forced me to go to the afterhours clinic, where a cheerful doctor told me that i was almost certainly right about the food, and that it couldn’t be the flu because she hadn’t seen aaaaanyone present with gastrointestinal symptoms, or at least not without tons of more typical respiratory symptoms first, but just for the sake of completeness she would swab me for a flu test anyway.

of course, it came back positive. after she recovered from the shock, she stuck a needle full of anti-nausea drugs in me, wrote me a script for tamiflu, and then took a car payment for their trouble.

48 hours later we repeated the process with liz. same clinic, same doctor, same stomach symptoms, same disbelief. her new theory is that we DID all eat something funny and then coincidentally got the swine flu at the same time. or something.


anyway, liz is the most recent victim and is therefore currently the worst off. caroline appears to have gotten the mildest case overall, as she never really got much aside from the initial vomiting session and the continuing diaper issues. and i seem to have gotten the shortest case on the whole. i bounced back to nearly normal in 24 hours, and now i’m pretty much 100%.

so today was mostly caroline and i taking care of mommy. for “taking care of” read “playing with our new alphabet blocks”:

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and making jello:

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anyway. these exciting events have of course derailed my in-process post(s), but we will return to our irregularly scheduled programming shortly.

meanwhile, enjoy this picture from a happier, pre-flu time, when caroline was just learning how to eat cookies with milk:

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