by now, my daughter’s fascination with my beard has become somewhat legendary.  for those not privy to the legend, here she is at about 4 hours old:

caroline beard play

cute, eh?

yea, adorable:

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at least until she starts ripping out fistfuls of hair, along with assorted bits of my chin:

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i mean, it’s totally worth it.  i love her, and i love that she loves my beard.  but from day one, (in fact, from long before day one) i was getting constant warnings that i would eventually have to cut my beard.  i steadfastly ignored all of these.

until, that is, i noticed just how haggard and lopsided my beard was getting.  evidently, caroline enjoys tearing out hairs from the right side of my face more than from the left, and this was beginning to look ridiculous.

so, i did the only sensible thing:  i soldiered on.  i’m a stubborn cuss, what can i say?

oh, and in COMPLETELY unrelated news, today i trimmed 3 inches off of my beard:

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which made me very happy:

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so there. i sure hope you’re satisfied, mother.

i can’t wait to see what my daughter’s face looks like without a curtain of my facial hair draped over it…

3 Responses to “the beard-ening…”
  1. Liz says:

    Oh you poor thing! The sacrifices we make as parents…

  2. Parrain says:

    Okay. I’m here. Whaddya want me to do?

  3. kiera says:

    wait till he gets a better grip in a few months, i think one side of my head has more hair than the other…and i’m always pulling random hairs (philip’s chest, the cat’s tail, etc) out of my son’s tightly clenched fists