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So hey, here’s this week’s update.

First off, you may have noticed the extra stuff on the sidebar. The little preview pictures will always display the most recent flickr uploads that i’ve tagged with the word “pose” (because those are some of the cutest pictures ever).  and the flickr link will take you straight to my main photo page.  And obviously the link to Joan and Brandon’s blog will take you to…… i dunno, or something.

the flickr page should be updated pretty regularly.  i’ve taken over 500 pictures since the last update, it just takes a few hours to go through them and decide which to upload, which to archive, and which to trash.

annnnnd finally, for those of you who have been waiting for the first official “cooking” post, i’ve got a treat for you.  if you head on up to that brand-new link up top, you can check out my 2332-word cooking philosophy essay-thingie.  it’s a bit long-winded, and i probably should have broken it up into several parts, but whatever, it’s finished.

so anyways, now that i’ve got that mega-post written, published, and out of the way, i can continue with the rest of the stuff i’ve been writing here.  expect some more updates over the course of the coming week.

oh, and i turned 26 this past week. yaaaaay, getting older! :)

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by now, my daughter’s fascination with my beard has become somewhat legendary.  for those not privy to the legend, here she is at about 4 hours old:

caroline beard play

cute, eh?

yea, adorable:

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at least until she starts ripping out fistfuls of hair, along with assorted bits of my chin:

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i mean, it’s totally worth it.  i love her, and i love that she loves my beard.  but from day one, (in fact, from long before day one) i was getting constant warnings that i would eventually have to cut my beard.  i steadfastly ignored all of these.

until, that is, i noticed just how haggard and lopsided my beard was getting.  evidently, caroline enjoys tearing out hairs from the right side of my face more than from the left, and this was beginning to look ridiculous.

so, i did the only sensible thing:  i soldiered on.  i’m a stubborn cuss, what can i say?

oh, and in COMPLETELY unrelated news, today i trimmed 3 inches off of my beard:

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which made me very happy:

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so there. i sure hope you’re satisfied, mother.

i can’t wait to see what my daughter’s face looks like without a curtain of my facial hair draped over it…

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so, i’d been sorting through the 838 pictures we’ve got of Caroline’s first two weeks, looking for the perfect picture to print out and hand around my department following my return. the photo from the previous post was my final choice, and i was all ready to order the prints from walgreens when noticed i had a new email. it was from my cousin Loula (another awesome geekazoid in the family) and read as follows:

my extra best favorite.

i clicked the link, grabbed the fullsize version, and immediately changed my walgreens order to a billion prints of this picture. well actually, i messed with the levels in photoshop and added the caption from the previous photo, and THEN ordered a billion prints, but whatever. here is my (slightly) brightened version:

family pic - levels - small

i love it.

see, liz and i both have a problem with smiling at cameras. we get these fake smiles that are just… not right. it’s been a thorn in my side for as long as i have been actively appearing in pictures of my own free will, and i’m pretty sure liz feels more or less the same.

somehow though, we are perfectly capable of smiling genuinely and warmly at each other, even (especially) at odd or inappropriate times.

for instance, this idyllic photo seems to suggest a loving moment in the life of a new family, captured for all time by the rose-colored lens of frozen memory.

in actuality, i was trying to weasel out of changing caroline’s clearly toxic diaper, and liz was only barely restraining herself from committing murder. neat, huh?

now, there are those who will likely think that i just ruined this picture. i would disagree. i think that knowing the truth only enhances the value of the photo, as it adds to the reality, and welcomes the observer to join it.

perhaps i should explain.

i’ve never been a fan of posed photos. i understand the need and appeal in many situations, but they have always faintly disturbed me. i think it is the overpowering sense of nonreality that they tend to exude which is just offputting to me.

that being said, truly candid pictures are often no better, though in a different way. true candids are uncomfortable to some because they offer too much of a reality that is not their own. if your inner voice just said something like “but people love that kind of thing, i mean look at survivor and all the rest of reality TV!” then you may be slightly confused as to the definition of “reality.” i think that human nature tends to rebel against any reality that doesn’t fit well into their own, and in the role of an observer of someone else’s memories (viewing truly candid photographs), this manifests as mild discomfort or distaste.

i say this, knowing full well that 90% of the pictures we’ve got of us and caroline are true candids. that’s fine though, given the target audience. i think that true candids will always appeal to those close enough to the subject matter to share in their reality. my family and closest friends will appreciate nearly all of these pictures. in addition, the friends and family of my friends and family will likely appreciate most of them. there seems to be a certain trickle-down fadeout effect here.

but of the 800+ shots we’ve got, i think that perhaps 30 possess more general appeal. which is fine, really. we weren’t taking pictures for publication, for the internet, for mass media. these are for us.

but sometimes, just sometimes, a shot will sneak through that is more than candid, and more than posed. it’s a shot that simultaneously offers far more reality than either of these types of photos, but doesn’t cross the line into an uncomfortable disjunction of perception.

instead, it slips off into the realm of hyperreality (and i mean this in the true semiotics/umberto eco sense). essentially, we are welcomed to participate in a farcical transaction, wherein for the modest fee of our suspension of disbelief, we are allowed to witness this captured memory. with a smile and a wink, we agree that this, truly, is what reality is like, and then we go about our merry way, confident that we were only tricked insofar as we allowed ourselves to be tricked (bearded lady, indeed!).

and then, just we are leaving the sideshow tent, the huckster at the front tweaks the curtain just a tad, just enough to let us see what is actually happening in the scene. it is this exposure that will push the experience into the realm of hyperreality. either the added layer of truth will horrify (wait, the beard is a FAKE?? what a ripoff!) or delight (good lord, but she is BEAUTIFUL under that face wig!).

i am generally of the latter school of thought. i WANT to be fooled, but i also want to know the truth. sure, it takes a little bit more effort to suspend disbelief after the truth has stared you in the face, but it’s worth it.

it’s like disney world. (whoa, nice segue, yes?) really though, disney world’s primary appeal for me has always been this sense of hyperreality pervading the entire place (though i may not have used that particular word to describe it earlier in my life). if you stay in the disney resorts while you are there, you can literally spend an entire week (or whatever) living completely in this unbroken fantasy world.

and the best part is, you HAVE to fool yourself and allow yourself to be fooled to truly be taken up by the experience. ask my sister and brother-in-law. a few disney trips ago, we spent a fair amount of effort cataloguing (or at least counting) instances of what we called “disney ghetto.” these were little slipups on the part of the disney staff (”cast members”) that allowed the harsher nature of the underlying reality to show through the magical disney sheen. it was always amusing to note the stray cigarette butts behind maintenance sheds or whatever, and i think it’s just a fun sort of “i spy” game to play around the parks (better than “spot the hidden mickeys” anyways). but i think another part of the appeal was that every disney ghetto we found added to the challenge of believing in the disney magic. no one likes a mental exercise to be a cakewalk, so the added challenge was exciting, in a way.

and yes, i fully recognize that i am a complete weirdo. i may very well be the only person who sees disney world and family photographs in this way, but that’s ok. it adds to the fun :)

anyway, the point is, i love this particular family photograph (yea, remember that’s what this post was supposed to be about?) and i wanted to give props to Loula for rocking, and also for taking this picture.


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It occurred to me just a moment ago that I haven’t yet made clear just what this blog is going to be all about.

Oh sure, there is the positively riveting “about” page that makes some vague reference to my new adventures, but I think i should probably demystify things just a tad before i actually get rolling on my upcoming posts. To that end, i’ve got two introduction-type posts planned, one to explain my goals for the “cooking” half of this site, and one to explain where the “daddy” part of the website comes from.

this is the latter post.

So, why cooking daddy?

well this is why:


i’m a daddy now. duh.

really though, i am. turns out you don’t have to get a permit or pass a credit check or ANYTHING to have a kid. crazy huh?

So yea, Liz and I welcomed our beautiful daughter Caroline into this world two weeks ago, and these have been the happiest two weeks of our lives.

yea, it’s sappy, but then again, you haven’t held her yet, or seen her playing with my beard, or seen her holding her head up to look around, ravenously consuming the room with her never-resting eyes. (obviously, this doesn’t apply to those of you who have). this kid is awesome. she’s smart, she’s gorgeous, and she’s manipulative as can be. she’s got liz and i wrapped around her little fingers, and i wouldn’t have it any other way.

ok, i’m stopping.

the point is, my life was transformed two weeks ago, and what was originally going to be a blog about my adventures in learning how to cook has now become …

of course, i recognize that kids are far more interesting to their own parents than they are to … anyone else, so i’m going to be setting up the site to make it easier for readers to navigate. if you just want to get updates on my kitchen-based misadventures, it’ll be easy to do so. if you are my mom, it’ll be easy to just get baby updates. and if you are my sister, it’ll be easy to get both. :)

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